Manage Clients > Overview Tab

Manage Clients > Overview Tab

The Overview tab summarizes the personal and financial information of a client. Note that the data and even available widgets will vary depending on whether you are in Household, Client, or Account view. (See Manage Clients Dashboard Overview for more details on level views.)


Provides an overview of the client with names, primary address, advisor, important dates and asset summary.

Relationship Ribbon

Shows the Advisor and all relationships that flow from the selected item. For example, selecting an Account will show the Client and Household the account belongs to, but not other Clients or Accounts in the Household. Selecting the Household will show all Clients and Accounts in the Household.

This is also where Household relationships can be established. See Householding Clients for more information.


Displays a list of all Securities held by the selected level.


Displays a complete list of all transactions for the selected level.

Risk Tolerance & Questionnaire

Review the Risk Tolerance scores and Questionnaire answers given by the Client for each Questionnaire they have taken.

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