End-Client User Management

End-Client User Management

The End-Client Access workspace allows you to manage who has access to the Client Portal, create and invite new users, and edit what they can see in their particular portal.

To access the End-Client Access workspace, navigate to Run Business > User Management > End-Client Access.

By default the End-Client Access workspace shows all end-clients, regardless of their client portal status. The following controls and actions are available from this workspace:


Use the filter drop-down in the upper left to filter the list between All Clients, Clients with active Client Portal users, Clients with pending Client Portal users, or Clients without Client Portal users.

A Pending Client Portal user is one that has been started and invited, but has not yet finished setting up their user.


The Search box in the upper right allows you to narrow the workspace by searching on one of three criteria, which you can change using the drop-down next to it.

  • Group Name: This is the household name displayed in the first column of the grid.
  • User Name: Search by the email associated with the user.
  • Account Number: Search for the user associated with a particular account.

Create and Invite a New Client Portal User

To create a Client Portal user for a client that was onboarded by an advisor, see Creating and Inviting New Client Portal Users.

Edit a Client Portal User Profile

To edit the profile of an existing Client Portal user, see Customizing the Client Portal per User.

Re-send Invitations

To send a new invitation to a user that has already been created, use the checkboxes at the head of each row (not available for clients without users) to select one or more recipients. Once selected, click Select action in the bottom left and choose Resend Invite Email.

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