Manage Clients > Performance Tab

Manage Clients > Performance Tab

The Performance widget allows you to view performance across all or selected accounts in a number of different available views. The performance data includes all Managed accounts and positions, with the exception of Held Away accounts which have been marked as Outside Managed. Any accounts or positions which have been manually changed to Non-Managed will not appear in the Performance tab.

See Managed and Non-Managed Asset Functionality for more details on these distinctions.

Note: if you want to only see Direct Custodian accounts in performance and exclude all Outside Managed accounts, contact your Client Success Representative to have this changed.

Performance reporting is broken down into four sub-tabs, detailed below:

  • Performance History
  • Performance Overview
  • Performance Details
  • Market Value History

View Controls

When using the Performance tab, the following controls are available regardless of which sub-tab is selected:

  • Select Account: By default this is set to All Account(s). Changing this drop-down to Specify One or More Accounts causes a new box to appear where you may remove or mark which accounts you want included in the reporting.
  • Reporting Performance Period controls: Located just below the sub-tabs, you can choose to view reporting based on Inception to Date (ITD), Year to Date (YTD), Quarter to Date (QTD), Month to Date (MTD), Week to Date (WTD), or specify your own date range. The ending date for the selected period is typically the prior business day. The ITD selection displays as “Total% | Annualized%” if the period is longer than one year.

Performance History

The Performance History sub-tab provides a line graph of the performance for selected accounts across the specified period. Hovering over the graph will display the cumulative total return for the period up to the date indicated, as well as the annualized return for periods longer than one year.

Note that if you are using the Account Selection feature, single accounts will display based on their individual Net/Gross Fees setting. If you select all accounts or a combination of accounts with different Net/Gross settings, the setting for the Household will be applied.

Performance Overview

The Performance Overview sub-tab provides a bar-graph style chart showing total changes in each given category across the selected performance period. Categories tracked include Contributions, Withdrawals, Income, Fees, and Growth, along with the Start Value and End Value across these changes.

Performance Details

The Performance Details sub-tab gives you several paths to drill down into performance data and includes some additional options and controls. The options and features here are detailed further in Managing Clients > Performance > Performance Details.

Market Value History

The Market Value History sub-tab charts the value of the selected accounts across the performance period. It displays the value of the accounts, the net investment, and notes any contributions or withdrawal points that affect the value. Hovering over the graph displays the exact values at any given point, including the amounts of contributions or withdrawals on that date.

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