Switching Performance between Net- or Gross-of-Fees

Switching Performance between Net- or Gross-of-Fees

By default, all enabled performance reporting is shown net of fees. This can be toggled at the account, client, or household level to gross of fees if desired. Note that this will only apply if performance reporting is enabled for the account, client, or household.

Toggling Net or Gross of Fees

  1. Navigate to Manage Clients > Dashboard.
  2. Locate and open the account, client, or household you want to toggle.
  3. In the Reporting section on the Overview tab, select the appropriate Net of fees or Gross of fees toggle.
  4. After changing the setting, refresh the page to see adjusted performance.

Areas Affected

The above toggle will affect performance displayed in the following areas. Each will have a clear marking and footnotes/popups disclosing whether reporting is done on a net- or gross-of-fees basis.

Wealth Platform

  • Manage Clients > Dashboard > Performance History
  • Manage Clients > Dashboard > Performance Details
  • Manage Clients > Reports > Search Performance

Client Portal

  • Overview
  • Investments > Performance > Performance sub-tab

Report Packager Pages

  • Performance Page
  • Household Summary Page
  • Activity Summary Page
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    • 12/12/2023 Release

      Client Portal Email alerts for uploaded documents from the client portal no longer include the filename. Reporting Performance reporting can now be toggled to show net-of-fees or gross-of-fees at any account, client, or household.