Manage Clients Dashboard Overview

Manage Clients Dashboard Overview

The Manage Clients Dashboard (Manage Clients > Dashboard) is where you can access a broad array of all client information from platform or portal. It is viewable at the Household, Client, or Account level.

Dashboard Overview

Level Views

Switch which level of data you are viewing by using the Account, Client, and Household tabs.

View By

Use the VIEW BY drop-down to filter the grid to only Open or Closed accounts if desired.


Use the search bar in the upper right to quickly locate the data you need. Change the search criteria with the drop-down at the end of the search bar. The available criteria options will vary based on which level tab you are viewing.


Click Export to download a CSV of the currently filtered grid.

Goals-Based Plans

If your firm is using the goals-based planning tool, on the Client level only, click this toggle to filter only clients that have a goals-based plan created.

Create Household

Available only on the Household tab, use this button to begin the creation of a new household. See Householding Clients for more details.


Clients and Households in the Dashboard may be expanded to view all accounts contained within the Client or Household.

Opening Detail View

Click the name or account number of a Household, Client, or Account to open the detail view of it.

Navigating Detail View

Expand/Collapse Detail View

Use the blue and green arrows to either return to the Dashboard grid or expand the Detail view to full screen, respectively.

Switching Levels

Use the View controls in the upper right to switch between viewing the full Household, one Client, or a single Account.

Widget Controls

Each section in the Detail view is considered a Widget.

Use the expand/collapse / control in the header of each widget to control its visibility.

Use the full screen control to open the widget in a pop-out window for a larger view.


The following tabs are available in detail view. Click any one for more details:

Customizing Detail View/Widgets

The order and visibility of the widgets in Detail View may be customized in Firm Profile. See Managing Client Dashboard Widgets for more information.

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