Enabling the AdvisorEngine CRM Integration

Enabling the AdvisorEngine CRM Integration

The AdvisorEngine CRM Integration enables a number of sync features from the Wealth Platform to your AE CRM, including contact sync, revenue numbers, asset and position data, and the ability to move directly from the CRM to the Wealth Platform from a number of CRM contexts.

Enabling the Integration

  1. Navigate to Communicate > Integrations.
  2. Click SETUP on the AdvisorEngine CRM tile to open the configuration page.
  3. Enable the integration by clicking the toggle in the Integration Status tile.
  4. Click AUTHORIZE and enter your AE CRM credentials to initiate the link.
CAUTION: Ensure that the user credentials entered have access to all CRM features and Records. The integration will be "blind" to anything the user account does not have access to.

You are now able to Single Sign On from the CRM directly to the Wealth Platform.

You may also continue to Set up AE CRM Client/Record Sync, Enable Position Import in the CRM, or Enable Revenue Import in the CRM.

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