Locking the Billing Period

Locking the Billing Period

Locking the Billing Period prevents further changes to all billing events during the set billing interval. This will need to be done monthly or quarterly depending on the firm’s billing frequency setting.

Locking the billing period is a required step prior to Generating Fee-Billing Invoices.

Locking the Billing Period Manually

A billing period will lock automatically two weeks after the end of the period. To lock it sooner:

  1. Navigate to Run Business > Revenue.
  2. Select the Billing Group and Interval to lock.
  3. Click the Lock Period toggle. If the interval has not fully completed, the option will be grayed out and unavailable.
  4. Confirm that you are locking the correct period for the correct billing group.

If needed, a billing peroid can be unlocked using the above steps and changing the Lock Period toggle again.

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