Customizing a Client's Report Packages

Customizing a Client's Report Packages

By default, a client will receive the company-wide default Report Packages at whichever interval they are set for.

It is possible, at the Household, Client, and Account level each, to customize which Report Packages are received or to suppress Reports entirely.

To customize the reporting for an Account, Client, or Household:

  1. Navigate to Manage Clients > Dashboard.
  2. Locate the Account, Client, or Household you wish to edit and select it.
  3. Navigate to the Operational tab.
  4. Scroll to the Report Packages section.
  5. Select the reporting option you wish for the Account, Client, or Household you have selected:
    • Suppress All Reports (including Default Reports): No reports will be run or posted automatically.
    • Use Company-wide Default Report: Will use the Company-wide default Report Package (See Creating Report Packages for information on setting the defaults).
    • Assign a Report: Select a Report Package from the list of available Packages using the Select column radio button. Only one Report Package may be assigned.
  6. Click Save changes to commit your changes and run the report at the next scheduled interval. Click Run Now to save and run the newly assigned report immediately.
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