Creating a Billing Household

Creating a Billing Household

Billing Households allow you to combine any Clients or Accounts that you want to bill as a single unit.

If you wish to household clients only for Performance reporting purposes, see Householding Clients for more details.

To create a Billing Household:

  1. Navigate to Run Business > Billing.
  2. Click Create Billing Household from the top controls.
  3. Select the Clients and Accounts you want to include in the Billing Household. You can mix and match. Use the drop-down in the upper left to switch the view between Clients and Accounts.
  4. Enter a Household Name.
  5. If you only want this group to be a Billing Household and not a Household within the Manage Clients section as well, deselect the Performance toggle.
    • Individual Accounts cannot be part of a Performance Household. If you selected individual Accounts, you will need to deselect the Performance toggle to be able to save.
    • Performance Households report householded performance from date of Household creation going forward, regardless of account history.
  6. Click Save.
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