Customizing Client Portal Messaging (Template Texts)

Customizing Client Portal Messaging (Template Texts)

Template Texts allow the firm to customize nearly all messaging throughout the Client Portal. This creates a Client Portal specific to your firm; one that reflects your processes, tips, and other information you’d like to share.

Template Texts is accessed from Run Business > Firm Profile > Template Texts.

Template Texts can be set individually for any Subtenant. If a given Template Text does not have a Subtenant-specific setting, it will inherit the setting of the Tenant-level.

Other areas where you can customize messaging in the Client Portal include OWM Settings (for notifications and FAQs) and Model Settings (for Model description and benefit statements).

Adding a New Template Text

  1. Navigate to Run Business > Firm Profile > Template Texts.
  2. In the upper right, click Add new.
  3. In the Key drop-down, select the text you want to edit. See Template Text Glossary for descriptions.
  4. In the Value textbox, enter in the text you want displayed in the Client Portal. You can change formatting and even add hyperlinks to external content if needed.
  5. Choose which method you want to save and proceed:
    • Create: Save your changes and stay on this screen to make further edits.
    • Create and return to list: Save your changes and return to the Template Texts page.
    • Create and add another: Save changes and begin adding another Template Text.

Editing a Template Text

  1. Navigate to Run Business > Firm Profile > Template Texts.
  2. Locate the Template Text you want to edit in the list and click its name in the Key column.
  3. Adjust the text as needed in the Value textbox. Do not select a different Key value to edit a different Template Text.
  4. Click Update or Update and close to save your changes.
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