Performance Benchmarks: Assign Household Benchmarks

Performance Benchmarks: Assign Household Benchmarks

In addition to the three default Total Performance benchmarks that can appear globally in Performance reports, an advisor can designate an additional benchmark at the Household level for any individual Household.


  • Benchmarking capability must be enabled.
  • Any benchmark that is to be assigned to one or more Households must already be defined.
  • The Advisor must have privileges for the Household.

Assigning a Household Benchmark

A benchmark can be assigned to a Household by navigating to the Household under Manage Clients > Dashboard > Household and clicking into the profile. Then click on the Performance widget tab.

  • On the Performance > History sub-tab, the Benchmarks control is located at top left, next to the Select Account feature.
  • The Benchmarks control initially defaults to Active for all Households, with a Household Benchmark default of “None”. Up to three default Total Performance benchmarks that appear globally in Performance reports still display.
  • To add a designated Benchmark just for this Household, select it from the Household Benchmark pulldown list. Once selected, it will display on the graphic and on the legend.
  • If the Benchmarks control is set to Inactive, no comparative indices are displayed for the Household, nor for any Client or Account within the Household, the setting is retained until changed.
  • To deselect a Household Benchmark, simply choose “None” from the Household Benchmark pulldown list.

Important Notes:

  • Any designated Household Benchmark will also appear on the Performance > Details sub-tab.
  • If the designated Household benchmark duplicates any of the default Total Performance benchmarks that appear globally in Performance reports, it will be displayed only once.
  • Household benchmarks apply to all Clients and Accounts within the Household. They can only be controlled at the Household level.
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