Goals Optimization Engine / Goal Based Proposal

Goals Optimization Engine / Goal Based Proposal

Goals Optimization Engine / Goal Based Proposal 

  1. From Grow Practice>Dashboard, you can either create a New Contact or Choose an Existing Contact

  1. Clicking on the +Proposal Button will open a Menu with which you can select Goals Based Proposal

  1. Enter responses to the following questions, select clients’ risk level and click Continue to Goals

  1. Next, you will be prompted to select the appropriate goal; there are four you can choose from

  1. Choose the goal appropriate to the clients' desire

  1. Enter the required information

  1. Click the Add Goal Button

  1. You can add multiple goals if desired

  1. Entering the required information: Name the goal and select how much it is desired. The Greater the need, the higher the priority

  1. Complete the information and click Add Goal

  1. When your goals are complete, click Continue to Funding

  1. There are three sources of funding available to choose from

  1. Select the funding by clicking Add Funding

  1. Enter the required information and click Save Funding Source(s)

  1. Add any additional funding sources and all required information and click Save Funding Source(s)

  1. When all Sources are added, click Review Plan

  1. The system will identify the probability of successfully attaining the goal based on your entries. If the plan falls short of expectations, the system will recommend potential solutions to amend the funding

  1. If you choose to continue with the plan, it will provide a proposal showing the lack of success

  1. Selecting the Optimized Plan will plan out a successful path by changing the amounts and/or dates of succeeding in the example below extending the date of success beyond the desired 2026 date

  1. If the system determines that the plan has the appropriate plan to succeed, it will indicate success

  1. You can then select whether to Review a PDF of the Proposal or eSignature

  1. You may also choose to Print the Document for wet signing or if not already an account holder you may create an account

  1. The proposal will outline the Projected Wealth Path, including indicators where funds are projected to be withdrawn for goal completion

  1. A Projected Glide Path

  1. The recommended Portfolio Allocation

  1. The Portfolio Sector Allocation and with each page a button to go “Back to Plan” if required

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