8/29/2022 Release

8/29/2022 Release

Billing for Advance/Adjustments 

Substantial upgrades have been made to how billing adjustments are handled for advisors who bill in Advance.

Financial Planning & Digital Advice

Inline recommendations added for the optimized plan (reduce goal amount). 

Digital Onboarding and Account Servicing

Fidelity withdrawal workflow will ensure that there is enough cash to cover the request.  Requests that exceed available cash will generate an alert for the cash to be raised.  Firms that use smartleaf will see the request under the withdrawal filter.  Once cash is raised, the request will be sent to the custodian for processing. 

Performance Report Packages and Client Portal Enhancements

Numerous enhancements to Report Packages and Client Portal.

Model Assignments Page (MC -> Model Assignments)

User now has the ability to filter account to model assignments by selected model(s).

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