5/15/2023 Release

5/15/2023 Release

Digital Onboarding and Account Servicing Enhancements

  • Fidelity: Client Portal users with Fidelity accounts can now request a cash transfer through the Client Portal. Advisors will be notified of the request with all necessary details to process the request in Wealthscape and notify the client the request was completed.
  • TD: Updated multiple forms to meet the TD to Schwab conversion requirements.
  • Account Maintenance requests can now be started from a new Actions control available on the Overview tab of an account in the Manage Clients Dashboard.
  • The Operational tab of an account has a new Account Maintenance widget displaying the maintenance history.
  • The Investment Objective and history can be edited from the Overview tab of an account, including the effective date or removing an entry altogether.
  • The Manage Clients Dashboard now has columns for Open Date and Close Date if applicable. Accounts can be filtered by Open, Closed, or both.

Performance and Reporting

  • Improved consistency within and across Client Portal and Platform for both Performance and Market Value History displays.
  • Performance measurement engine now generates continuous history for temporarily flat accounts that can get funded again later.
  • Wait time for automatic recalculation of performance for when securities or accounts are tagged as Managed or Non-Managed has been reduced to five minutes.
  • Improved granularity in Income transaction types, including such improvements as separation of Long-Term and Short-Term Capital Gains, as well as Qualified, Non-Qualified, and Unclassified dividends.
  • Report Packager Pages Household Summary and Performance now have a new “Year Before Previous Calendar Year” interval option.


  • Improved the display of account numbers in Account Exclusions and Discounts.
  • View Account Assignments improved to correctly group together like account numbers.

Other Enhancements and Fixes

  • Improvements to the following Investment Framework (Grow Practice > Customization) pages:
    • Models: Improved search capabilities
    • Asset Classes: Improved visualization and navigation to associated models.
    • Instruments: Improved search and navigation to the associated Asset Class.
  • The Order Status screen can now be searched by date of order import.
  • Resolved a case that caused some reports to fail if a Household report included a Holdings page with no group-by settings selected that tried to display a security with only a Cusip (but with no symbol).
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