Client-led Cash Transfer Request (Fidelity)

Client-led Cash Transfer Request (Fidelity)

Clients with Fidelity accounts can request a cash transfer through the Client Portal if this feature is enabled. The information of the client request is passed to the advisor through the Wealth Platform, where it is then manually submitted into Wealthscape and marked complete for the client.

The full process is detailed below.

Client Request Process

The process is begun from the Client Portal. The following steps describe inititating a cash transfer request from the client perspective:

  1. From within the Client Portal, click Transfer on the left side navigation.
  2. Click Request Cash Transfer in the Cash Transfers box.
  3. Select the Account to transfer and the type of transaction, Deposit or Withdrawal.
  4. Select the bank account to transfer cash to/from. If a bank account has not yet been added, this will need to be completed first.
  5. Set the Start date, Amount, Frequency (one time or recurring interval), and enter a Transfer Memo.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Confirm the information entered and click Submit.

The Cash Transfer request appears in the Cash Transfer box with a status of Awaiting Advisor Submission.

Advisor Completion

When a client submits a cash transfer request, a new alert is generated in the Wealth Platform. If a Wealth Platform user is subscribed to the alert type, they will also receive an email.

The alert type generated is “Cash Transfer ready to be submitted to Fidelity”.

Upon receiving the cash transfer alert, the Advisor takes the following steps:

  1. Expand the alert in the Wealth Platform and click the submitted to Fidelity link to be taken to the transfer details.
  2. Click the Wealthscape link or manually open Wealthscape in another tab or window and submit the cash transfer details for the client.
  3. Once the request has been entered into Wealthscape, return to the Wealth Platform cash transfer details and click Mark Transfer as Submitted at the bottom of the details section.

The status on the Workflow tab and on the Client Portal will update to “Submitted”.

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