Monitoring Client Portal Activity (Digital Advice)

Monitoring Client Portal Activity (Digital Advice)

The Grow Practice > Digital Advice tab is where admins and advisors can monitor the status of the account opening process for end-client users. It is also possible to view the Client Portal from the end-client’s perspective to assist in any way needed or just gain perspective on the end-client’s process.

Status of Accounts

Status Description
Client has begun the account opening process.
Client has completed the account opening paperwork, passed LexisNexis, and completed the DocuSign process.
Account opening paperwork is awaiting additional signatures, such as from a Joint Owner or the Advisor.
Account opening paperwork is signed and sent to the Custodian for processing.
Error submitting paperwork. Click the error for more info.
Documents have been successfully processed and the Account is now open with the Custodian.

Viewing the Client’s Client Portal

It is possible for the Advisor to view a specific client’s experience on the Client Portal through the Digital Advice tab.

  1. Navigate to Grow Practice > Digital Advice.
  2. Locate the Client opportunity you want to view. (Use the search bar in the upper right for fastest access.)
  3. At the end of the Client’s row, click the open arrow under the View column. The Client Portal will open in a new tab.
  4. When you are finished, click Back to Platform in the upper right.
Note: This is view-only access. You will not be able to open an account, sign on behalf of the client, or make any other changes from this view.
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