Manually Running Report Packages

Manually Running Report Packages

Report Packages are designed to be scheduled and run automatically at intervals for the Accounts, Clients, or Households to which they are assigned. However, it is possible to manually run a Report Package for either an individual Account, Client, or Household or globally for everyone assigned to a particular Report Package.

Running a Report Package for a Single Account, Client, or Household

  1. Navigate to Manage Clients > Dashboard.
  2. Locate the Account, Client, or Household you wish to run a report for and select it.
  3. Click Action > Run Client Report and select the report package to generate.
  4. Select whether to post the report to the Client Portal and click OK to view the report.

Running a Report Package for all Assigned Accounts, Clients, or Households

  1. Navigate to Grow Practice > Customization > Report Packages.
  2. Locate the Report Package you want to run.
  3. Click Run on the Report Package row.
  4. Verify the details of the Report Package and click Run.
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