Misc Holds in Smartleaf

Misc Holds in Smartleaf

When reviewing accounts in Smartleaf you may see an account with a suspension status of Misc Hold.

What Are Misc Holds?

AdvisorEngine performs daily checks on account and position data integrity before passing any information to SmartLeaf. If any account fails this check, it is marked as Misc Hold until AdvisorEngine can ensure that the data is corrected and accurate. Accounts with Misc Holds are prohibited from rebalacing and generating orders until the hold is removed.

How do Misc Holds Occur?

AdvisorEngine checks for the following data errors:

  • Inconsistent Security data for a client position.
  • Short position detected in a client portfolio.
  • Inconsistent tax lot data detected in a client portfolio.
  • Invalid model configuration for one or more models connected to a client account.

How are Misc Holds Resolved?

Our internal data team regularly reviews Misc Hold statuses and will resolve most errors without any need for action on your part. If a situation arises that requires your action, our client services team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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