Specified Trades: Creating Targeted Orders without Rebalancing

Specified Trades: Creating Targeted Orders without Rebalancing

If a security in a model has been replaced and you wish to swap that security without rebalancing the entire account, firms utilizing the Smartleaf integration can use Specified Trades to accomplish this.

Specified trades are a type of request that enable you to buy, sell, or trade a security to its target weight, without prompting additional trading of securities from the account’s holdings. In the presence of specified trades, Smartleaf aims to recommend few to no additional changes to the portfolio's holdings. As a result, Smartleaf may make recommendations that disregard pre-existing account settings.

  1. Navigate to Manage Clients > Rebalancing.
  2. Search for and open the account to change securities on.
  3. Click the Requests tab.
  4. On the far right, click Edit Requests.
  5. Expand the Specified Trades section.
  6. Create the order out:
    1. Enter the Ticker for the security that is being swapped out.
    2. Set Action to Sell to Target.
    3. Click Add to List.
  7. Create the order in:
    1. Enter the Ticker for the security that is being swapped in.
    2. Set Action to Buy to Target.
    3. Click Add to List.
  8. Click Save and Re-Analyze when finished.

Full feature details: Specified Trades PDF.

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