The Advisor-led Account Opening Process

The Advisor-led Account Opening Process

NOTE: Account opening in the AE Wealth Platform is not available for Fidelity.

The following process allows the Advisor to open an account for a client, rather than the client opening the account themselves through the Client Portal. This can be done when an advisor is in direct communication with a client.

The process can be interrupted at any point and progress will be saved. Simply click the Account Documents Status line on the Opportunity row to resume.

Opening a New Account

An account must be attached to an Opportunity. If you do not yet have an Opportunity created for the account, see Creating a New Opportunity.

As Part of Creating a Proposal

During the final phase of creating a Proposal for a Client, you can jump directly into adding a new Account.

After or Without Proposal

If a Proposal was already created, or you wish to create an Account without the IPS:

  1. Navigate to Grow Practice > Dashboard.
  2. Locate the Opportunity you want to create a Proposal for (Opportunities in the grid are automatically sorted by newest first).
  3. Click + Account under the Account Documents Status column. The Account Builder will open to the Account Type selector.
Note: Fidelity users are prompted to validate their Wealthscape credentials every 90 days prior to starting the account opening process.

Select Custodian

Select the Custodian and Rep Code under which to open the new account. If only one option is available, the selection will be pre-filled for you and you can click Next to proceed.

Account Type

Caution: Firms offering the Estate account type should only offer this through advisor led account opening via the platform. When opening this type of account (Estate), the platform user should always start this out as a New Contact and not from an Existing Contact. Starting an Estate account for an Existing Contact will led to an error due to a discrepancy between the contact and the associated tax ID.

If an IPS has already been created for this Opportunity, the Account Type will already be selected and cannot be changed. Otherwise, select the Account type to open.

The Account Number should be left blank, it will be assigned from the predetermined pool of available account numbers.

Account Owner Info

All required information about the Primary Account Owner should be entered on this page. Click Continue on each page when finished to proceed to the next tab. The number and the types of pages of Account Owner Info needed will vary based on the Account Type selected in the previous step.


The Attributes section will vary based on your Custodian. Review all sections carefully and enter appropriate settings before continuing to Funding.


The account may be initially funded through Funds Transfer or Account Transfer.

Funds (Cash) Transfer

Select Yes if transferring funds in from a checking or savings account. You can also use this section to set up recurring disbursements.

If you are only funding through account transfer, select No and then click Continue. Jump down to Account Transfer directions.

  1. Enter the appropriate banking information. Only one checking or savings account may be connected at this time.
  2. Under Initial Funding Amount, set the incoming funding date, recurrence, and amount.
    • If there is to be any recurring disbursement, use the Outgoing Funds Transfer Information section to set a start date, recurrence, and amount.

Click Continue to proceed to Account Transfer.

Account Transfer

Select Yes and click Continue if transferring in securities from another account.

If you are only transferring Cash, leave the option as No and click Continue. Jump down to the Confirm section.

Select the firm type to transfer from: Brokerage Firm, Mutual Fund Company, Insurance Company, or Former Employer’s Plan and click Continue. (These options may not all be available based on Firm configuration.)

The remaining screen(s) will vary based on the selection made. Enter the appropriate required fields for the initial transfer. Click Continue to advance to the final Confirm section.


All the entered information will be presented for your review. Click Edit on any section to jump back to that section to make changes. Once all the information is verified accurate, you have the following options at the top:

Print Documents

  • Print: Generate a printable version of the account documents for review.

Sign Electronically

  • Sign Now: Begin the process of electronically signing the account documents for the Advisor and Client.
  • Email: Send the Advisor and Client emails to initiate the signing process individually. Each will need to follow the DocuSign directions in the email for the process to proceed.
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