Creating a New Opportunity

Creating a New Opportunity

Opportunities can be created for an existing Contact or you can create a new Contact as part of the process of creating the Opportunity. Opportunities may involve new business/account opening or performing account activity on an existing account.

To easily create an Opportunity for an existing Client, open the Client on the Manage Clients > Dashboard and use the Action menu to start a new proposal or account maintenance flow.

Adding an Opportunity for an Existing Contact

If the Contact in question already has an Opportunity in the platform, you can copy over some information if desired, or you can start from scratch.

Start the Opportunity from Scratch

  1. Navigate to Grow Practice > Dashboard.
  2. Click Existing Contact in the upper right.
  3. Enter an Opportunity Name.
  4. Use the Search box to locate the Contact you want to add an Opportunity for.
  5. Click the move control on the Contact you want.
  6. To perform account actions on an existing account, select the account from the Client’s list on the right. To create the opportunity for a new account, leave the selection as Not applicable.
  7. Click Save to create the Opportunity.

Copy Info from an Existing Opportunity

Duplicating an opportunity will start with the following information copied from the existing opportunity:

  • Responses to the Risk Profile Questionnaire
  • Portfolio Builder settings
  • Primary Account Owner Information
  • Beneficiaries

To duplicate an Opportunity:

  1. Navigate to Grow Practice > Dashboard.
  2. Locate the existing Opportunity you wish to duplicate. You can use the Search box to locate all existing Opportunities for an existing client.
  3. Click the Action drop-down at the end of the Opportunity row.
  4. Select Duplicate.

An “Opportunity was copied successfully” message appears. The duplicated Opportunity appears at the top of the page.

Adding an Opportunity for a New Contact

  1. Navigate to Grow Practice > Dashboard.
  2. Click New Contact in the upper right.
  3. Fill in the necessary Contact details. First Name, Last Name, and Advisor Code are required.
  4. Click Save to create the Contact and the new Opportunity for the Contact.
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