Report Package Audit Features

Report Package Audit Features

The Report Packager allows you to view the historical data of each occasion that each Report Package was run.

  1. Navigate to Grow Practice > Customization > Report Packages.
  2. Locate the Report Package you wish to view data for.
  3. Click the expand control at the start of the Report Package’s row to see all past instances and any future scheduled instance. Note that a Report Package must either have run once or be scheduled to run in the future to have this control available.
  4. Click the details control on any past instance to open the Audit Trail window and see report failures.
  5. By default, the Audit Trail window will display Failures only. Use the Show All control to see all report instances for this instance of the Report Package.

If any failures are seen in the Audit Trail window, please Contact AdvisorEngine Support ( to report the failure and receive assistance.

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