Managing Client Documents

Managing Client Documents

The Documents widget of a Client record allows you to manage which documents are associated with a Client. In addition, you can make some documents visible in your client’s vault on the Client Portal.

The Documents widget is located in the Operational Tab of a Client record from the Manage Clients dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Manage Clients > Dashboard > Clients.
  2. Locate and select the applicable client.
  3. Select the Operational tab.
  4. Scroll and locate the Documents section.

Understanding the Documents Section

  • Source: Who uploaded the document
  • Document Name: The name of the document
  • Attached To: The client’s name
  • Date: Date the document was uploaded
  • View: Viewable PDF of the document
  • Client Display: Make document visible to client through the Client Portal. If disabled, the document is visible internally only.
  • Delete: Delete the document. Cannot be undone.

Uploading a Document

To manually add a document to the client's vault:

  1. Click Upload Document in the upper-right of the document widget.
  2. Navigate to and select the document on your local machine.
  3. Click Open to upload the file to the Vault.

The Client Display toggle is set to Off by default for uploaded documents. Set the toggle on to show the document on the Client Portal.

Deleting a Document

  1. Click the delete control at the end of the document's row.
  2. You are asked to confirm the deletion. Click OK to proceed. This cannot be undone.
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