Notifications Overview

Notifications Overview

Notifications, also known as Alerts, are accessed either by navigating to Manage Clients > Notifications or by clicking the notification alert in the upper-right of the platform .

Notifications come in the form of Cash, Account, Trade, or Service Alerts.

  • Cash: Reflects changes in a client’s account balance, including New Funding, Cash In, Cash out, and preemptive low balance notifications.
  • Account: Includes all account-specific actions or updates around New Accounts, Closed Accounts, Transfers, and Client information changes.
  • Trade: Triggered for any trade-related execution for applicable accounts, including Orders Filled, Trade Confirms, and Options (if applicable).
  • Service: Cover all alerts not included in the previous 3 categories, generated by the AdvisorEngine system.
  • Archived: Any alerts that have been moved to an Archived status.

Marking Alerts as Read

Marking an alert as read will only affect the current user. All other users will continue to see the alert as unread.

Single Alert

To mark a single Alert as read, use the expand control at the front of the Alert’s row. Once expanded, the Alert will be considered read.

Alert Category

To mark all alerts in a single category as read, use the expand all control in the header of the expand/collapse column.

All Alerts

To mark all alerts in all categories as read, click Mark All Alerts as Read in the upper right.

Archiving Alerts

You may Archive alerts at any time to remove the alert from the list and store it in the archived section for later recall if necessary. This will affect all users.

Deleting Alerts

To remove an alert from your view completely, use the delete control at the end of the Alert row.

To delete all alerts in all categories, click Delete All Alerts in the upper right.

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