Revenue Dashboard Overview

Revenue Dashboard Overview

The Revenue Dashboard shows all billing activity for a selected billing group, giving full visibility into various revenue reports. Admins and Advisors can use the dashboard to resolve cash shortages and missing fee schedules, as well as develop a deeper understanding of how client’s fees are collected.

The data shown on the Revenue Dashboard reflects the billing group and period set across the top. By default, it will display the default billing group and the current billing period.

Note: Each User will only see revenue for the Rep Codes they have been given permission to access in their User Profile. See Adding New Platform Users, Step 9 for more information.

Across the top, the following quick-glance data is available for the tenant and billing period selected. If there is historical data, the panels also show the change from the previous period.

  • Total Revenue: Shows the revenue generated for the selected pay period.
  • Total Accounts Billed: The total number of accounts that are being billed for the selected pay period.
  • Total Discounts: The total dollar amount of discounts given for the selected pay period.
  • Total Exclusions: The total dollar amount of exclusions for the selected pay period.
  • Cash Shortages: The number of accounts that do not have enough cash for billing to occur.
  • Accounts in Error: Lists accounts that have failed at any fee generation. Possible error conditions include:
    • No holdings open during period.
    • No applicable fee schedule.
    • Account belongs to more than one billing household.

To the right of the Tenant and Billing Period selection, the following controls are available:

  • Lock Period: Mark the billing period complete and set the data to read-only (See Locking the Billing Period).
  • Preview Invoices 1: Generate a sample invoice of a particular account.
  • Generate Invoices 1: Generate invoices for all clients for the billing period (See Generating Fee-Billing Invoices).
  • Rename Period: Change the name of the currently selected billing period.
  • Download Extracts: Download a CSV to send to the custodian.

1 These options are only available once the billing period is locked.

The Revenue Trends chart will show period over period comparisons of revenue trends. The bottom chart gives greater detail segmented by Account, Household, or Advisor (firm-specific feature).

If the Billing Group’s Billing Method is set to Advance, the Adjustments section will show changes made by advisors for selected period and billing group. For Arrears Billing, the Adjustments section will not display.

Finally, detailed Reports can be viewed and generated into PDF or Excel files as needed in the following areas:

  • Cash Shortages
  • Account Fee Collections and Billing Details
  • Advisor Payee Report
  • Accounts in Error
  • Firm Payee Reports
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