Adding Advisor Codes

Adding Advisor Codes

Advisor Codes, also known as Rep Codes, typically come from the Custodian to establish management of accounts. Advisor Codes are important in the Wealth Platform to do the same. Reps will be associated with these codes so any accounts that are opened and associated with a Rep Code will be properly processed and billed by the Custodian.

Additionally, codes are used when creating billing structures, setting up Subtenant sites, setting up DocuSign signatures, and even for displaying contact information to your clients.

If you are adding a new Advisor and a new Advisor Code, it is recommended to create the Advisor Code first.

Note: The wealth platform interface uses the term “Advisor Codes” here regardless of your custodian. This stands in for the following terms for the different custodians supported:
  • Fidelity: G-Number
  • Schwab: Master Account Number
  • Pershing: IP Number
  • TD: Advisor Code

Adding Advisor Codes

  1. Navigate to Run Business > Firm Profile > Advisors.
  2. Click + Advisor Code in the upper right.
  3. Enter the new Advisor Code in the pop-up window.
    • Optional TD Firms may upload pre-assigned account numbers as part of this step.
  4. Click Save. The new Advisor Code will be added to the Advisors list with an Advisor of Awaiting Assignment and a Fee Structure of Asset Based.
  5. Locate the new Advisor Code in the Advisors list if you need to adjust either of the following:
    • Adjust the Fee Structure drop-down if needed. Fee Structure options are Asset Based, Transaction Based, or WRAP Fee.
    • If the Advisor for this code already exists in AdvisorEngine, use the Advisor Name drop-down to assign the Advisor. If the Advisor is not yet created, see Adding Advisors to assign the code as part of adding the new Advisor.

If an Advisor has more than one code, repeat this process for each. For information on splitting a code between multiple Advisors, see Splitting Advisor Codes.

Advisor codes may also be created in bulk as part of the Adding Advisors in Bulk feature.

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