10/16/2023 Release

10/16/2023 Release


  • The visual design of the Platform has been updated.
  • Exports from the Manage Clients > Dashboard now include only the Open Accounts if selected in filter.
  • The Holdings widgets on the Overview Tab of a client/household/account now update dynamically when the managed/non-managed state is changed.
  • New permission added to control if a user can change the model assignment from the Manage Clients > Account Profile page.

Client Portal

  • A new Fund Portfolio link has been added to the action menu for portfolio cards containing fundable accounts.
  • If no YTD performance data is available for the Overview, ITD is shown instead.
  • Realized Gain/Loss can now be exported from Investments > Realized Gain/Loss.

Account Opening and Maintenance

  • The Advisor-led Account Transfer flow for Schwab has been updated. Authentication is performed by SMS and no manual steps are required after the paperwork is signed.
  • Proposals created for Schwab will have the status set as Approved instead of In Review.
  • Opening an account with a Trusted Contact no longer removes other methods of contact in the UI.


  • Permission settings around Report Packager has been updated to allow control over who can View, Assign, Run, or Delete packages.
  • Report Packager pages with performance data (Performance, Activity Summary, Household Summary) have column headers that now read out full date ranges in MM/DD/YYYY format for periods such as ITD, YTD, etc.

CRM Sync

  • Default source of truth for CRM contact sync has been set to CRM.
  • Added new logic to the CRM asset push to identify existing CRM assets and update accordingly rather than duplicate.
  • New CRM sync configuration option to control null or blank field handling.
  • New indicator on the CRM side to show if a position is managed.
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