9/21/2020 Release

9/21/2020 Release


  • Fidelity
    • Firms can now enable or disable the retrieval of documents from Fidelity using a toggle in the Firm section of Run Business > Firm Profile.
      • Documents will appear in the client document lists both in the Platform and on the Client Portal.
      • Users of the Client Portal will receive an email notification whenever new Fidelity documents are made available.
    • On the Platform, withdrawl requests can now be added during and after account opening.
    • In the Client Portal, clients can now add withdrawl requests during account opening.
    • In the Client Portal, clients can add one-to-many account transfer orders as part of account opening.
  • Entire Platform
    • Firms can now customize order routing instructions for best execution by designating minimum share or dollar amounts that will be sent to a trading desk. By default all orders are routed for electronic execution.
    • Resolved an issue where Banking ABA (Routing) numbers weren't properly validated against minimum and maximum character lengths. Users see messaging when length requirements aren't met.
    • Firms can now export subsets or full contact and client data to a CSV spreadsheet file.
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