10/3/2018 Release

10/3/2018 Release

This release brings additional security for Batch File processing, enhancements to the Orion Integration and Pershing Batch File processes as well as various resolutions to Account Opening, Performance Reporting, and Pershing Mutual Fund processing.

New Features

Security Processing
  • Added the ability for the AE Data Quality Team to lock a security from being altered by automated batch processes.  This will ensure descriptors like multiplier are not incorrectly updated.


Orion Integration
  • Now captures sleeve shortname from incoming sleeve position file
  • Includes sleeve shortname on outgoing fee file
  • Security matching on incoming sleeve position file enhancements
Pershing Batch
  • Enhanced transaction processing of trade data
Order Screen Status
  • Improved the display of information including execution price and quantity indicator

Issues Resolved

  • Account Opening: Resolved an issue on Client Portal regarding TDA Personal Trust accounts
  • Performance Reporting: Resolved and issue where data was not displaying until after midnight batch processing completes
  • Pershing Batch Processing: Removed ignore logic & logging component for transactions not processed 
  • Pershing Mutual Fund Processing: Resolved an issue where an incorrect account number was sent with trade orders
  • Pershing Account Opening
    • Addressed several issues around account opening cash and account transfer steps
    • Resolved issue with sending the incorrect sweep vehicle values for Madison and Tanager new accounts 

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